Oxford Inner Space Talk - Natalie Steel - 24th April 2020. With a long term practice of meditation and teaching behind her, Natalie has been caring and sharing in many places in the UK and abroad, so she is an expert in this theme.
Oxford Inner Space Talk - Gudrun Duwe - 5th June 2020. Gudrun has spent the last 27 years nurturing and caring for the grade 1 registered gardens at the Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire. Through a lifelong interest in nature, trees and plants, propagating and pruning, growing, feeding and supporting, she has seen similarities between inner and outer worlds and has come to appreciate gardens as manifestations of love. Nature has taught her tolerance and is still teaching her patience.
Oxford Inner Space Friday Talk - Shailen Popat - 15th May 2020. Shailen is a teacher of public policy, having previously worked in children's services. His faith and background is the Brahma Kumaris tradition of Hinduism.
Oxford Inner Space Talk - Mike George - 26th June 2020. If has often been said "You are what you think!" But is that true? If it was it would mean we are all manner of things, as our thoughts tend to range across all manner of issues. That would mean we would be totally and constantly confused! Mike explains how to make sure your thoughts are true.
Oxford Inner Space Talk - Ash Patel - 29th May 2020. Once we understand who we truly are then we just have to get used to the new 'I' and focus on that amazingly simple, uncomplicated truth. With this realisation, we can begin to heal the wounds of self-rejection and embrace ourselves as we are, with kindness. Ash has facilitated classes, workshops and retreats over the last 15 years both within the UK and internationally, with a focus on interpersonal relationships and communications, inner leadership and spiritual principles.
Oxford Inner Space Positive Thinking Seminar - Mel Bain - 2nd July 2020. How to practice positive, or natural, thinking - with some practical suggestions and experiential meditations from Mel. It is possible to take charge of our mind...our mind doesn't have to control us! Melanie Bain has a background in counselling and has worked in the criminal justice system, the healthcare sector, and currently works alongside Social Care with young people and their families.
Oxford Inner Space Talk - Mina Karawadra - 10th July 2020. Mina discovered Raja Yoga meditation in 1998. Her meditation practice has allowed her to tap into the powerful inner self and to cultivate inherent powers and values to reach their unique potential.
Oxford Inner Space Talk - Roy Irvine - 24th July 2020. Are you consciously creating your own destiny, or is it being left to chance? Roy has been a student and meditator with the Brahma Kumaris for 25 years and was a resident at the Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire for 20 years. Hear him speak about karma, positive thinking and how our emotional 'stressors' can impact on our actions.
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