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Inner Space is a Meditation Centre and Shop on Broad Street in the heart of Oxford. We offer a wide range of courses, activities and goods all designed to deepen relaxation and self-development in a way that is both spiritually enriching and easily applicable in daily life.

If you're in the city and need a break from your busy schedule, Inner Space offers a friendly, inspiring environment - just a few steps away!

Find some peace and tranquillity from many spiritual solutions available including refreshing daily meditations throughout the day.


Celebrating Love


Come and join us for an evening of heart-warming conversation, good company, live music and all about true love.

Upcoming Events

Going Within – Meditation


Come & join us for one hour of self-exploration...

Letting Go of... - Talk


Short talk, followed by a roundtable discussion, ending with a guided meditation.

Needy,Need-free or something in between?


Using Spiritual Powers  – A Workshop for Women


Awaking our spiritual powers allow us to easily sail through life’s challenges!!! Come and join us to explore some of your spirituals powers...

Every day spin the wheel and enjoy the magic: keeping in mind that quality, see how it colours your thoughts, your environment, your world.

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  • Communication

    The one who knows the art of connecting to others is successful. When someone is not behaving well, we tend to alter our attitude, response and behaviour toward that person. We wait for the other person to change, before changing ourselves. When I know the art of perceiving others’ specialities and connecting to them, I will always be successful. I am then not dependent on the other person’s behaviour for my own growth. I am able to see each person’s positive aspects and absorb them in myself too. Then I become richer with every interaction.

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