Creating Change.....Friday Talk


A short talk, followed by a roundtable discussion, and end with a guided meditation.

The discussion theme for this month is Creating Change.

Friday 2nd  Becoming Honest: Honesty is the Best Policy ?How to be Honest with yourself and in doing so help others on Life’s Journey .

Friday 9th   Becoming Sweet:Natural  Sweetness lies within ? How can we cultivate Sweetness in our daily life  to taste the happiness  culminating in  “real life experiences “

Friday 16th  Becoming  Aware of the Soul: ”The Eyes are the Windows of the Soul “ so they say .“Let’s think about opening the “ Third Eye “ 

Friday 23th Becoming Consistence: Life is very complex and challenging on all levels these days .Lets think about “being consistently Happy !”


There are currently no planned dates.