Letting in Light....Friday talk

A short talk, followed by a round table discussion, and end with a guided meditation.

 Friday 6th    Letting  in light on Ego ; “One’s Self Image  “ Does this mean “The External Worlds image Mirrored in me “? Let’s look into it together !


Friday 13th    Letting in light on Spiritual Diseases . Dis -ease is often how we feel nowadays regarding many aspects of everyday  life . Creating shared knowledge of how to find “Spiritual Cures “ will help us all heal .


Friday 20th      Letting in light on Virtues .” Patience is a virtue” so they say .Lets discuss “Creative Virtues” and how to inculcate them into Daily Routines .


Friday 27th       Letting in light on Being Powerful .” Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely “ Lets discuss how Spiritual Power enlightens us ABSOLUTELY !